Kakigiri - This syrup-flavored shaved ice is a popular desert and also a fun-food in summer time Japan. Similar cold deserts are popular in other Asian countries too, but Japan kakigori has a wider range of flavors like strawberry, green tea, and plum-alcohol. Some records say the history of kakigori ran to the Heian period (794 1185), and gradually became a popular desert among common people. Following the old traditions, very few places in Japan today also use naturally frozen ice to shave for kakigori, instead of commercially produced ice. This photo shows freshly made kakigori made of natural ice in three leavers, plum-alcohol, green tea and sweet beans, and melon. In food stores packed kakigori similar to ice cream is available. In normal market, kakigori price ranges from about US$ 1.5 to 5. date050818

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